Monday, April 12, 2010

got neck and shoulder pain? insomnia? migraines? Here is a routine for you!


Anne said...

Anita, thanks to you I just spent 15 lying on top of two tennis balls and pressing my 'wings' into them. RELIEF after carrying a much too heavy bag and spending 24 hours with that terrible stabbing pain in the back.

Also, neglected to tell you that Louise has two 'yoga' episodes. 15 and 16. It's quite subtle and all the way at the end of 15 but you might enjoy it. (I can't vouch for your HUSBAND enjoying it though...) (283 sec) (257 sec)

Misty Dawn said...

Hi, I am quite interested in trying these exercises however I am not sure where I can find similar balls that you used in
this video. Is there a specific name/brand/size I should search for? Thank you kindly for posting this video :)

Anita Goa said...

hello misty
thank you for your comment and question!! the YogaTune Up Therapy balls can be purchased through:
These balls last a long time and the grip and size of them are great.
You can use a bouncy kids balls, or a soft ball. but the material, grip might not be as good. also you want to make sure the ball is not too hard.
i hope this helps you.
have a ball rollin'
a :-)